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Hi, I'm Jelle, and I've been using my love of languages and travel to teach, learn and explore for the last 8 years. I've created the Going Dutch Community to help you navigate your way through Dutch life!


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What can you expect from Going Dutch?

Going Dutch is all about having a sense of community, practicing together, learning in an effective and efficient way and, most of all, having lots of fun. The more fun you have, the more motivated you will be. No matter which level you are, you can count on three things:


There is only one certain path towards fluency, and that is consistency, consistency and more consistency, so let us help you with that ;)


Ultimate flexibility means you can join, study and practice the Dutch language with us whenever it suits your schedule!


You are not alone! Use the power of the community to help you learn faster and stay motivated!

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"Going Dutch is an amazing balance of learning and sharing a language and a culture."


"I loved this course since it taught me the essentials of Dutch in a light and fun way!"


"Mijn Nederlandse taal is beter geworden sind ik met Going Dutch Community begonnen ben."

Have fun and get fluent, even if you have a busy schedule


You don't need to sacrifice all your time to learn Dutch with us. Going Dutch is all about getting you to conversational fluency and beyond, not fixating on perfect grammar. Join us to learn Dutch, meet fun people, and make the most out of your life in NL. 

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